pongola truck accident footage – WATCH VIDEO

pongola truck accident footage. there’s an accident that happened in South Africa this week. KWAZULU NATAL-Sibusiso Siyaya the truck driver linked with the N2 Pongola crash that claimed 21 lives on Friday, Claimed that He was Running away from Traffic cop who attempted to stop him.The children were returning from school when the bakkie they

watch and Download Umnisamvula Free – interesting story

watch and Download Umnisamvula Free – interesting story.   you can download this interesting south Africa story named Umnisamvula here.   you can now view the story with just your phone without turning on your TV.   if you’re interested in Umnisamvula story, check below for the download link.   Download Umnisamvula video, song and

Cut off mark for dentistry in UNN 2022/2023

Have you been asking “what is UNN departmental cut off mark for dentistry¬†2022/2023? or have you been wanting to know how to calculate UNN aggregate score? If yes this post is for you as it contains relevant information on all you need to know about University of Nigeria Nsukka admission requirements In this article, we

Is civil engineering a good course to study

The answer is yes Civil engineering ranks #1 in best engineering jobs. It is the oldest engineering after military engineering civil engineering is the profession of designing and executing structural works that serves the general public such as dams, bridges, airports, canals, highways and other infrastructures. Civil engineers have been responsible for developing the world.

Is mechanical engineering a good course to study?

People ask if mechanical engineering is a good course The answer is absolute yes. Mechanical engineering is a very good course to study It is a professional course with many advantages and opportunities for those who study it or take it as a career course Mechanical engineering is among the prime engineering fields, one of

Life of a first class student

A question here is; why is it that first class students appear different from other students in school? Why are they always seen as nerds and dulls? On entering into higher institutions and universities,many studends always wish to graduate with high grades or first class but these dreams are often taken away by the euphoria

When should I study to understand

This is a question that many students ask. Many students have not recognized their best times of reading in order to assimilate From research across, it is noted that their is no particular time which is referred to as best time for reading. Nevertheless, there are various favorite times that students prefer to read A

Suitable jobs for students

Here are some suitable businesses which one can venture into while still in school. There is no legal age as to when a person should own a business. A person can own or run a very profitable business in school If you are a student searching for a good business that can bring you money,

Should I study in Nigeria University

This is a question that both Nigerians and people of other countries ask when they have some interest to study in Nigeria. If you are an aspiring student then this post is for you.we will be telling why you should or shouldn’t study in a nigerian university. Follow us as we discuss below !