Is civil engineering a good course to study

The answer is yes

Civil engineering ranks #1 in best engineering jobs. It is the oldest engineering after military engineering

civil engineering is the profession of designing and executing structural works that serves the general public such as dams, bridges, airports, canals, highways and other infrastructures.

Civil engineers have been responsible for developing the world. Without civil engineering the world we know today would not exist!


Salary of a civil engineer!

Civil engineering are rewarded with a steady career and high potential income

The average salary of a civil engineer is around $94000 annually which is a good pay

With the earning salary, many civil engineers have multiple works that bring them money, this is due to the nature of their profession

Should I study civil engineering?

Civil engineering is absolutely a very good course to study

If shaping and construction of the world around you is your dream and you see your self intruiged by the structures around you such as bridges, airport, buildings and many others then you should definitely study civil engineering

Civil engineering degrees are often offered by institution of civil engineers

Sub branches of civil engineering:

Civil engineering entails other branches which are

  • Structural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Surveying
  • Construction engineering
  • Municipal engineering
  • Water resources engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering

Job opportunities in civil engineering:

There are so many job offers for civil engineers as they are demanded in various sectors

As long as there continues to be design, construction and maintenance of the physical and natural environment then there will always be jobs for civil engineers

Job offers in civil engineering is linked to geography, hydrology, geology, environmentental science, mechanic, project management, and other fields.

History of civil engineering: states that civil engineering practices may have started between 4000 and 2000BC in ancient Egypt

When humans started to abandon nomadic existence creating needs for the construction of shelters

Until modern time , there was no clear difference between an architect and a Civil engineer

In the 18th century , the term civil engineering was coined to incorporate all things civillian as opposed to military engineering

In 1818, the institution of civil engineers was founded in London.

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