Is mechanical engineering a good course to study?

People ask if mechanical engineering is a good course


The answer is absolute yes. Mechanical engineering is a very good course to study

It is a professional course with many advantages and opportunities for those who study it or take it as a career course

Mechanical engineering is among the prime engineering fields, one of the oldest and broadest engineering branches. It combines the principles of physics, material sciences, mathematics and general engineering for designs and constructions.


Is mechanical engineering a good course to study?

Mechanical engineering is profession of designing and and building machines

The importance of mechanical engineering in our world today can not be over emphasized as the engineers play important roles in shaping and constructing our world as a whole.

The car we drive, the aircrafts, simple tools all uncountable are all products of mechanical engineering.

Salary earnings of mechanical engineers:

mechanical engineers are highly valued in the society and their salary level is quit high.

The salary of a mechanic engineer is averagely $79000 per year in U.S, Isn’t that a good pay?

Apart from the pay salary many mechanical engineers works in other various jobs outside their employment to earn more due to the nature of their field

Job offers for mechanical engineers;

There are so many Jobs offers for mechanical engineers. 9 out of every 10 mechanical engineers report back with job satisfaction. Below are the best fields for mechanical engineers;

1.Automotives: This field deals with design and contruction of auto mobiles, ships and other machines

2.Power sector: This could be nuclear, solar or hydroelectric power sectors

3.Aerospace: This deals with designing of space ships, aircrafts and satellite

4.Manufacturing: In manufacturing industries, machines for production are usually managed by mechanical engineers

5.Construction: Mechanical engineers assist in designing of bridges, rail ways and pipeline systems

Mechanical engineering is quit a hard course to study. Course of study relates to thermodynamics, machine designs, computer sided designs, robotics and more

Degree takes 4 to 5years and are offered in various universities

In America, undergraduate mechanical Engineering programs are accredited by the accreditation board of Engineering and technology.

History of mechanical engineering states that the application of mechanical engineering can be seen in the archives of various ancient and medieval societies. The six classic simple machines were known since prehistoric times. The wheel along with the wheel and Axel mechanism was first was invented in mesopotomia.

The liver mechanism first appeared around 5000years ago in the East where it was used In a scale balance. The earliest evidence of pulley dates back Egypt in the early 2nd millennium BC. The earliest practical water powered machines , water wills and water mills first appeared in Persian empire.

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