Should I study in Nigeria University

This is a question that both Nigerians and people of other countries ask when they have some interest to study in Nigeria.

If you are an aspiring student then this post is for you.we will be telling why you should or shouldn’t study in a nigerian university.

Follow us as we discuss below !



Nigeria accountably has over 140 universities and colleges of education offering undergraduate and postgraduate studies to both citizens and foreigners. Comprising of both government and private owned institutions all across, Nigeria has the highest number of universities in the continent.

The quality of education system:

No doubt in recent years,the education system of Nigeria has not been its best with the emergence of frequent ASUU strike.

Asuu (Academic staff union of universities) strike which is one of the few factors deteriorating the Nigerian education system has been a major setback .the union has frequently been going on since 1999.

Asuu has embarked on strike 16 times since 1999 constantly blaming the government for not meeting up with their demands. With each break taking averagely 3months to settle .this has elongated the studying period in most nigerian universities thereby making the education system slow in terms of academic calendar.

In a Nigerian university mostly the federal and state owned, a student can study a course with a period range of 4 to 5years for 6 or 7years which endangers the future of a student.


There are many universities in Nigeria that are not under ASUU(do not embark on the strikes) that students can study in and have no academic delay whatsoever.It is noted that most of this universities are either state or private owned.

All the private and state universities in Nigeria do not embark on strikes.Therefore,their academic calendar run smoothly and do not delay their students.

list of some schools that do not go on strike:

University of ilorin

Nnamdi Azikiwe university

Afe Babalola university

Covenant university

Adeleke university

AjayI crowder university

American university of Nigeria

Madonna university

Achievers university

Babcock university

Standard of education:

Nigeria agueably has the best universities in Africa.The oldest universities are controlled by the federal government while there are still state and private owned ones.

The standard of education in Nigeria is high. These universities offer courses that many African countries don’t

These prestigious universities hold years of expertize .they are accessible to all nations and all international students

We should state here that most TOP nigerian federal and private universities compete with their international counterparts in all areas.

Accessibility, cost of living, security and other factors to be considered:

Every year, many international students troops into Nigeria to study.the universities are very much accessible with moderate tuition fees compared to their international counterparts

The security of students are provided though best when you are in a private university.Environment in standard private universities are very much conducive.

The cost of living in Nigeria is not high even for a student.cost of rent and feeding is moderate in Nigeria


Nigerian universities are good but are not the best .you can study your dream course in Nigeria. There are many international international universities which are better with more opportunities .still studying in Nigeria has its best experiences too.


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