Suitable jobs for students

Here are some suitable businesses which one can venture into while still in school.

There is no legal age as to when a person should own a business. A person can own or run a very profitable business in school

If you are a student searching for a good business that can bring you money, then this post is for you.

Below are some good businesses for students:

Design services

There are many good opportunities in design. You can choose to offer designs and charge money in services include designing of logos, flyers even website designs

This has been bringing money to a lot of students . showing your clients good quality works brings about trust in design


Blogging is a future proof continues even after school.

Although blogging requires dedication, it is regardless as a suitable business for student.

people make good money every month from blogging

Start a blog on a niche that you are familiar with. Target audience then monetize it through ads and other contents

writing/freelancing business

This is simply a writing service. You can choose to write essays for top websites and get paid in return

Services includes seo writings, proof reading or writing for a blog.

Selling goods and products

Many students make their money from buying and reselling of goods

You can be buying goods at cheaper rate and selling it higher in school .its a very common way of making money in school

with your startng capital, there are hundreds of goods that can be bought and sold

photo shooting

Photo shooting is a good and occasional entails photography and videography

Render photo shooting services to people during events like birthdays, matriculations, convocations and other events and make cool money occasionally. There is no much stress attached


Youtube is also a good platform for students to make money.

Similar to blogging, make videos in a particular niche and monetize it through ads. It requires hardwork but when done right generations good money for students

Run a campus TV

Running a jist TV in school requires fame but is also a good business

you make money through advertising programs and endorsement deals.

Running a TV demands consistency

Crypto currency and forex trades

In recent years, crypto and forex market has been major sources of income to many people

Students can learn trading in school and make it a way of making money

Starting a business sometimes is not hard but having the right one that will profit you!

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