watch and Download Umnisamvula Free – interesting story

watch and Download Umnisamvula Free – interesting story.


you can download this interesting south Africa story named Umnisamvula here.


you can now view the story with just your phone without turning on your TV.


if you’re interested in Umnisamvula story, check below for the download link.


Download Umnisamvula video, song and story.


South African movies are the best i really love the meaning behind, we can watch a movie and I know each one will take what benefits them and truly I’m so encouraged by the fact that I got a chance to see this one here I learnt that the blessings of God requires a lot of understanding otherwise we might lose out on the greatest moments God had planned for us. Often we forsake our answers because we lack understanding. We pray for Gods blessing (the unknown) then reject the form they choose because already when we pray we have certain expectations of what and how God should respond to our plea….. This movie truly has allowed me an opportunity to reflect on everything I’ve gone through and how I’ve been affected by it all. What does God’s blessing mean to you, we often say God never listens to our prayers but honestly, have we reflected deep enough to embrace all His response? Se ngiya buza nje. Many things in our lives happen because we’ve asked for a solution, a path, a way from God and for the mere fact that it came in a different form we reject it.


From now how about we take everything slowly and try to understand the language God uses with each of us because it is not always clear but it sure contains meaning which requires patience from us


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