13 Affordable Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

The digital era is reshaping the landscape of education, transforming it into a more accessible and flexible venture. With the advent of online learning, higher education is no longer confined within the four walls of a traditional classroom. However, there’s a catch. Reliable hardware, like a laptop, is necessary to access these online classes and materials. Recognizing this challenge, a growing number of affordable online colleges are stepping up to the plate by offering free laptops to their students. Let’s take a look at 13 such colleges that are bridging the digital divide, making higher education more inclusive than ever before.


Affordable Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

13 Affordable Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Seton Hill University
Seton Hill University has integrated a comprehensive mobile learning initiative known as “Mobile Learning at the Hill,” providing Apple devices including MacBook Air laptops and iPads to its academic community. This initiative supports 24/7 learning access and is further enhanced by the inclusion of Apple TVs and iMac desktops in various facilities. Their commitment to integrating mobile technology in education has been recognized with the designation of an Apple Distinguished School, an honor they have received multiple times. The program not only distributes technology but also includes robust support and training for effective utilization in educational activities​.

Bethel University
Bethel University’s College of Professional Studies arms its online students with free iPads that come loaded with the university’s proprietary apps. This setup ensures students have direct access to course materials and interactive platforms for communication with peers and instructors, aligning with modern educational practices that emphasize digital fluency and accessibility.


Indiana State University
At Indiana State University, the Laptop Initiative Program stands out by offering students a laptop to use throughout their educational journey which they then keep upon graduation. This initiative not only aids in their studies but also provides a long-term tool for their professional careers.

Southern Nazarene University (SNU)
Southern Nazarene University partners with Dell to offer laptops at discounted rates through a special purchasing program. This initiative is particularly beneficial for students seeking cost-effective solutions for acquiring laptops equipped with up-to-date technology. SNU emphasizes the importance of having a laptop for academic success, requiring laptops to meet specific hardware specifications to support various academic needs, including specialized software for certain majors​.

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University provides its students the option to purchase discounted laptops through the WakeWare program. This program includes financial aid that covers the cost of standard laptops for eligible students, enhancing their academic experience by including necessary academic software like Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as comprehensive warranty and accident protection​.

Northwest Missouri State University
Northwest Missouri State University offers a unique program where students can rent textbooks and laptops, reducing the financial burden on students. This program ensures all students have access to the necessary academic resources regardless of their economic background, thereby supporting their educational pursuits comprehensively​.

Chatham University
Chatham University provides laptops to all undergraduates, which must be returned upon completion of their programs. This initiative supports Chatham’s commitment to integrating technology within its curriculum and ensuring all students have equal access to necessary digital tools for their studies​​.

Rochester College
Rochester College offers a “one price” tuition plan that simplifies the cost of education by including tuition, books, and a laptop. This all-in-one package is designed to relieve the stress of managing multiple expenses and ensuring students have everything they need from the start of their academic journey.

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Wentworth Institute of Technology issues Lenovo ThinkPads to all undergraduates. This program standardizes the technological tools available to students, ensuring that everyone has equal access to the required resources for their courses and projects.

St. John’s University
St. John’s University provides laptops to all its full-time undergraduates, which supports not only their academic needs but also enhances their flexibility to learn from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for online students who require reliable access to educational resources irrespective of their location.

University of Minnesota Crookston
The University of Minnesota Crookston includes a laptop for each student as part of their enrollment package. This long-standing initiative ensures that all students, whether on-campus or online, have consistent access to digital tools throughout their education at the university​​.

Saint Leo University
Focused on supporting military students, Saint Leo University offers free laptops for those enrolled in online programs. This support is crucial for military students who often need reliable and portable computing solutions due to their mobile lifestyle.

Arizona State University
Arizona State University provides discounted laptops through various partnerships for its online students. This initiative is part of ASU’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that all students can access quality education with the necessary technological tools​.

These 13 affordable online colleges are not only bringing education within everyone’s reach but are also ensuring that their students have the necessary digital tools to succeed. By offering free laptops, these institutions are breaking down barriers and proving that, with the right resources, quality education can be accessible to all.

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