Life of a first class student

A question here is; why is it that first class students appear different from other students in school? Why are they always seen as nerds and dulls?

On entering into higher institutions and universities,many studends always wish to graduate with high grades or first class but these dreams are often taken away by the euphoria that comes with freedom and enjoyments of living alone in school

Many students who dream of first class get carried away by the way of life in universities

many dream but few work to achieve a goal


It takes determination and sacrifices to stay on the path of success while many students are not willing to stress themselves in school and fall on the long run.

The life of first class is very challenging ,it demands dedication and doggedness and few are willing to pay the price

It is true that most people who make first class are naturally brilliant but still “talent without hardwork is nothing”

First class is a product of resilience and perseverance .it is very demanding

why do first class student appear different and dull?

As a student working towards first class, it tends to make you separate from other students, you don’t relate like you should because you don’t have that time.your soul aim becomes how to achieve your dreams

You are separated from the rest of the world. Your social life sucks, you have no relationships, not much friends and always serious

In turn this demands tend to pull you away from who you originally are before to a different person.

These changes are not easy to fight back unless you want to give up. As a result, your life becomes different and dull

when do first class students read?

It is always said that first class starts from “the first class” .if you want to make first class in school, the idea is that there is no particular time to read,

make it your first priority, read always and as long as possible.there are people who read for like 12hrs everyday, it is never too much

Go for night classes and also read during the day, make sure to do your assignment and tests always,


The life of a first class student is always different from other students because of the sacrifices that he makes, his level of seriousness and dedication




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